Early 2018 Tax Amnesty Update
Happy New Year to all. As we ease into 2018, there are some tax amnesty matters for taxpayers to immediately consider. As covered in greater detail previously in our 2017 Tax Amnesty Update newsletter (available at www.genetelli.com), Rhode Island’s tax … Continue reading
2017 Tax Amnesty Update
There has been a recent uptick in tax amnesty activity.  Taxpayers should be aware of the following potential opportunities. Oklahoma is currently offering a voluntary disclosure initiative that runs through November 30th.  Benefits of the initiative include the waiver of … Continue reading
Combined Reporting Developments and Controversies in New York
The filing of corporate (income) tax returns on a combined (unitary) basis is an important state and local tax planning opportunity that should not be overlooked.  In deciding whether to apply this filing method, it is extremely important that a … Continue reading
New York City Determination Shows the Shifting Requirements for Combination
A New York City Administrative Law Judge recently determined that an investment advisory firm had to file on a combined basis with related corporations with which it had substantial intercorporate transactions during the tax years 2008 through 2010.  The case … Continue reading
Reporting Federal Tax Changes to the States
Reporting federal tax changes to the states can be a challenging compliance burden for multistate businesses.  Examinations by the Internal Revenue Service tend to be lengthy.  Federal audit issues may settle at different times and affect multiple entities.  Some federal … Continue reading
Why Genetelli?

Genetelli is unique, successfully blending the high-quality experience and expertise found in the nation’s largest accounting firms with the concentration and client-focused characteristics of a tax specialty practice.

The advantages to our clients are clear:

• We consistently meet client expectations with responsive and personalized service.

• Our clients receive the depth of specialization required to properly address their state and local tax needs as well as business objectives.

• Our Firm size permits us to foster productive interaction with our clients and to acquire an in-depth understanding of their needs and overall objectives.

• Our ability to offer seasoned tax professional and partner involvement with every engagement at reasonable rates provides an exceptional value.