Defining Principles
Three decades of concentrated state and local tax experience. Independence. We do not audit, attest, or opine on financial statements, so our services create no conflicts of interest. Reliability. Responsiveness. Commitment. These are our defining principles and attributes.
Flexibility and Value
Our clients call upon us for a variety of reasons. To identify a solution. To take advantage of specialized expertise and experience. To utilize an industry contact. To meet a deadline. To fill a need.
Our personalized approach and simplified structure enable us to perform services in a less costly and more efficient manner than other tax suppliers. In contrast to other, more rigidly structured suppliers, it is not necessary for us to delegate work to less experienced staff members. Therefore, we are always able to provide hands on experience, minimize performance time, and eliminate miscommunications and other costly delays.
We custom tailor our services according to your tax consulting needs. Please read on to learn more about us.