Combined Reporting Developments and Controversies in New York
The filing of corporate (income) tax returns on a combined (unitary) basis is an important state and local tax planning opportunity that should not be overlooked.  In deciding whether to apply this filing method, it is extremely important that a … Continue reading
New Jersey Update
Certain changes, corrections and implementations have taken place since our prior newsletter on New Jersey legislation impacting corporation business taxpayers.  Set forth below are some of the more significant developments. Combined Reporting Effective Date Moved Up Unitary water’s edge combined … Continue reading
New York Residency Audit Alert
Residency audits generate significant revenue in many states including New York.  The sophisticated policies and procedures incorporated in New York’s residency audit program place difficult evidentiary burdens on taxpayers.  New York also utilizes computer cross-matching and multi-jurisdictional information sharing to … Continue reading
New Jersey Bills Implement Mandatory Combined Reporting, Market-Based Sourcing for Services and Other Notable Items
Recently enacted legislation in New Jersey contains a number of significant matters that will greatly impact corporation business taxpayers.  Highlights of the legislation are set forth below. Combined Reporting Unitary water’s edge combined reporting is required for tax years beginning … Continue reading
U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Sales/Use Tax Physical Presence Nexus Requirement
On June 21st, by a majority of five to four, the United States Supreme Court struck down the physical presence standard for sales and use tax nexus previously established in 1967 by National Bellas Hess, Inc. v. Department of Revenue … Continue reading
Why Genetelli?

Genetelli is unique, successfully blending the high-quality experience and expertise found in the nation’s largest accounting firms with the concentration and client-focused characteristics of a tax specialty practice.

The advantages to our clients are clear:

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