Audit Representation and Support
In an environment where multistate companies are experiencing greater numbers of audits by sophisticated auditors, it is often critical to tap into the expertise of state and local tax specialists for audit support. The professionals at Genetelli possess extensive experience in handling and resolving state and local tax audit issues. Our training and experience have made us quite knowledgeable about the types of tax issues that frequently become the subject of audits and hearings. This experience and insight enables us to help clients anticipate audit issues, and properly position themselves during the audit preparation stage. Our audit experience also enhances our value in several other service areas, such as planning services, exposure studies, and tax return preparation/review.

• Full Audit Management or Consultation
• Evaluation of Information Requests
• Documentation and Response
• Sampling Techniques and Analysis
• Negotiations
• Penalty Abatement
• Interest Minimization
• Managed Audits

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