Research, Opinions and Rulings
State and local tax issues aren't always black and white. A taxpayer's fact pattern may fall into a gray area of uncertainty, or be interpreted differently in different jurisdictions. The professionals at Genetelli have access to the latest research technologies to keep abreast of current developments in multistate tax laws, policies and procedures. Our experience and contacts in the various state and local taxing jurisdictions, combined with our research tools, enable us to offer research services of the highest quality. In addition, we can draft opinion letters for our clients to provide written assurance on state and local tax issues. If an issue is truly in a gray area, such as one that is of first impression, we can draft requests for rulings from the taxing authorities, which can be submitted in our name or on a no-name basis if a client wishes to preserve confidentiality.

• Complex Issues and Transactions
• Return Filing Positions
• Nexus and Taxability
• Statutory Add Back Exceptions and Safe Harbors
• Eligibility for Credits and Incentives
• FIN 48 Reserve Support

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