Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
More than ever before, state and local taxing authorities are aggressively pursuing additional tax revenue. This is evident by the steady rise in the number of state tax matters that are reaching the litigation stage. States, in addition to having in-house litigation teams, frequently arm themselves with expert witnesses of various tax and accounting-related disciplines who provide testimonies and/or expert reports on behalf of the states. Given the heightened level of preparation for litigation by the states, and the significant dollars at stake for taxpayers, it is critical for taxpayers to take an equally aggressive stance in preparing themselves in tax litigation proceedings. In appropriate instances, taxpayer preparedness should include the utilization of highly qualified expert witnesses and litigation support specialists. Genetelli has vast experience in tax litigation, providing clients with expert reports and sophisticated studies covering a diverse range of state and local tax issues, including apportionment formulas, separate accounting, net operating loss deductions, and transfer-pricing. Richard W. Genetelli is qualified as an expert witness on state and local taxes, accounting and finance, and testifies throughout the country on behalf of taxpayers litigating state and local tax issues.

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